Thursday, August 17, 2006

OT: Installing the new screen

My old 32" Panny setup. Located in the corner of the room, bad viewing position, terrible sound characteristics.

Side-by-side, my old TV and the new 42" Panny panel on it's temporary stand. all it's glory.

The wall where it's going to end up.

The mess begins...

Ok, here's goes. The bracket template is up and I've drilled the first hole; the 40mm cable route - 300mm long, angled through the wall and out into the understairs cupboard just beneath the stair support. That was the critical hole. One end had to exit in the cupboard, the other, just under the bottom edge of the panel. The measurements were so tight, it wasn't possible to drill horizontally as the hole would have ended up below the bottom of the panel... The rectangular hole above is where the wall-light used to be.

Cupboard side. The hole is lined with a piece of old plastic waste pipe. A lot of cable and connectors will need to go through there.

The bracket holes have been drilled and 8mm anchor bolts installed. The centre and left speaker cables have been routed in the gap between the plasterboard and breezeblock and fed back through the 40mm hole into the cupboard. The right speaker cable just goes straight through the wall.

Bracket secured. Video and power cables have been fed through.

In the cupboard...

Taking shape; the Eggs are now on the wall. The centre was a pain in the ass but I managed to get it to cover the largest hole left by the old wall-light.

Here's the state of things after wiring up in the cupboard. The cheap plastic rack is temporary until I find something that'll fit the space better and doesn't cost the earth.

...and finally. The end result.

I still have some work to do; fitting some back-lighting, installing a couple more cables, removing the plasma handles and straightening the screen-attached brackets but this will do for now.


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