Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OT: CCFL backlighting

Screen with the new CCFL lights installed from Neonlights. This shows 4x 12" white CCFL running off of a pair of inverters fed by a variable (5,6,7.5,9,12,15v) DC adapter at 7.5v. Light-output is at ~50%. The adapter is drawing a mere 5w @ 230v AC.

I intend to install a 12v varilight adaptor to compliment a remote-controlled varilight dimmer feeding a regular wall-light outlet. Once this is in, I should have arm-chair dimming control of the backlighting over ~25-100% brightness range.

Although not necessary for viewing, I'm also considering installing some lighting under the bottom edge of the screen, however the installation wouldn't be as easy or the diffusing pattern as clean as the existing units.


Anonymous Ben said...


Saw your post over on AV Forums.

Love the effect of the white lights on it. Looks amazing.

What adaptor are you using to power it?

I know they recommend a 1000ma for the 4 tube kit but i cant seemed to find a variable voltage one of this power rating.


11:27 pm  
Blogger Mezzanine said...

I had one from
lying around. It's overkill for the task but you'll probably need something that can provide 1A@12v for 4 tubes. However, if you intend to always run them lower at say 7.5v, you might get away with 650/750mA.

Something like Maplin's VN10L which provides 1.2A at 3-12v would probably do the trick for 4 tubes.

4:34 pm  

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