Thursday, November 09, 2006

Backend idling

Made all of the hardware changes and everything still works! While I was at it - with PC guts all over the floor, I replaced the PSU in my GX150 (the fan on the original sounded like a heard of cows) and swapped out the RAM modules for a 512Mb stick - the max supported memory on this PIII.

I didn't change any software with the exception of moving the relevant IVTV and LIRC drivers, support libraries and configs from the Shuttle to the GX150. Fired up mythtvsetup and entered the relevant shutdown/wakeup details via the General tab and it worked!

However, I think the MythTV idleness algorithm is broken. It doesn't quite do what is described in the HOWTO.

My scheduler.cpp patch fixes the algorithm for 0.19 and is also likely to apply to 0.20 and SVN head. It hasn't had much testing yet but seems to be working for me.

So far, I've ignored frontend integration. That will require some lirc relaying magic between backend and frontend. I also don't have the frontend reliably powering up yet after being switched off. Still, I'm about half way there and Myth is reliably recording shows.

To get my external USB disk, NTL box and RGB-svideo converter to poweroff/on along with my backend, I've ordered an intelliplug. Will let you know how that goes...


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