Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All change

Well since November, I've:
  1. Upgraded to MythTV 0.20
  2. Moved to using the OpenGL painter
  3. Managed to get the internal video player working nicely with (compressed) HD content and digital audio out - requires at least 32Mb of AGP Video RAM
  4. Implemented a fully idle-managed system with automatic startup and shutdown
  5. Fixed the Shuttle ZEN boot-up FSB hardware fault that affects almost all of these boxes
  6. Used LIRC magic to make the back-end seamlessly relay remote signals to the front-end
...and the system as a whole is working better than ever! Now that my cable-box gets power-cycled daily, it even changes channel correctly every time.

I must admit that the WAF was real low during the idle-shutdown changes that I made as the system needed administrator intervention to bring up the front-end successfully. This was mostly due to the Shuttle's FSB bug. However, once that was fixed and a few automation scripts were smoothed out, WAF rose to an all-time high.